Battle of the Gods

In The Beginning

News has spread of a small group of heroes succesful first defeat ever of a Dragon. Until now people have lived in complete and total fear over the dragon kind. A long overdue prophecy of a promissed heroe appears to have finally been fulfilled. A young boy of only thirteen accompanied by his father and other men of the village of Astros located near the eastern shore of Heptabar a large island located in the sothern sea, engaged a Tyranny Dragon near the Boraz mountains where the battle had appeared to be going very badly, early in the fight seven men had died while Alexander (the 13 year old boy) watched from a distance guarding the horses when he heard the cries and screams from the men as they burned from the fire breath of Tyranny. Alexander prayed to Tamar the God of the land for help, abandoned the horses and against his fathers orders ran into the battle. Two men had positioned themselves upon a ledge on the mountainside where they had planned to distract Tyranny to raise its head exposing the weaker underbelly for what was presumed the mostl likely place to harm the beast. The distraction was too succesful in the fact that one of them was caught up into the mouth of Tyranny. He could be seen fighting from inside the mouth bravely with his last breath. Evander a local magician was the surviving man upon the ledge who was in desperate need of assistance if the distraction was to work. Alexander rushed to his aid, he snuck past Tyranny from behind while the other four men on the ground were positioning themselves for an attack. He quickly climed the rocky mountainside to the ledge where Evander was hiding. From that vantage point Alexander was capable of seeing the dragon up close, astonished Alexander noticed that just under Tyranny’s arms there were no protective scales. Alexander reached for his bow and took aim, waited patiently for an opportunity for a shot…. missed, looked again…. missed bouncing off its scales as usual, several more failed attempts go by… Tyranny continues to blanket the area with flames. Evander prepares a spell that should create a momentary blindness of the dragon by having a brilliant light appear just above its eyes. Alexander takes aim, fires, the arrow plunges into the dragons chest just below its left arm. Blood trickles from the fresh wound. Tyranny momentarily pauses as this is its first time it has been harmed the men on the ground below take advantage of the pause and spot the new found weakness. David Birkshire the local blacksmith had created a long pole weapon with four blades to act as a spear. The idea was to brace the weapon against a rock and allow the weight and momentum of the dragon to penetrate the protective scales of Tyranny’s underbelly however with the dragon distracted David rushed forward with the weapon and jabbed it at its chest doing nothing more than scratching the surface of the scales. Tyranny focussed his attention toward the men on the ground again and as it stepped forward David quickly braced the weapon against a rock as planned and it plunged deap into the chest. Tyranny twisted and writhed with pain busting the pole leaving the tip in its chest, it roared with anger as its short small upper arms grasped the remaining portion of the pole attempting to dislodge the weapon, it only managed to break more of the pole off. The men on the ground using swords and axes chopped and slashed at its legs as if Tyranny were a great oak that needed cut to the ground. Tyranny regained some awareness and spun its large tail around sweeping the men, two of them were knocked backward while the other two dove to the ground barely avoiding the blow. Jumping back to their feet the again chopped at its legs until finally they too broke through the tough armor drawing blood. Tyranny showed signs of fatigue as it attempted to run away from the battle, the group gave chase as they witnessed Tyranny stumble and fall to the ground. The men once again chopped away at the wound on its leg. Alexander and Evander descended from their perch upon the mountainside and followed along. As they got their the found Tyranny struggling to breath while kicking its legs trying to swat away the attackers. Alexander saw Tyranny struggling and felt sorry for the beast in its suffering, he wanted to be merciful and end its suffering. Noticing the men hacking away at its body trying to break through its amazingly tough barrier, Tyranny gave up the fight and focussed on breathing. Alexander looked his father in the eyes just as he had raised his sword above his head in preparation for another blow to Tyranny’s body, Alexander saw the rage in his fathers eyes subside and an ashamed look took over his blood splattered face as he too began to feel mercy needed to be given to Tyranny. Alexanders father Franklin commanded the others stop attacking and step back from Tyranny as Alexander explained the weakness he discovered under the dragons uper arms. Franklin took his slender long bladed sword and with a quick thrust plunged it through the leathery skin deap into the dragons chest, as a heavy gust of breath exited the dragons mouth it breathed no more.
Thomas Nister was one of the men who assisted with the killing of Tyranny, it was he who lead the group in disecting the dragon so they could learn more of its secrets. It was through the autopsy that they found the Tyranny dragons heart was located directly behind a thick bone breastplate that its only weakness is through the side approachable from under the upper arms. The also discovered the dragon has two sets of lungs, one could be breathing in while the other could be breathing out fire giving it the ability to sustain a fire breath for extended time. The fire is created by two chemicals stored in the skull that when excreted from the skull into the mouth cavity explode into flame and are then blown out of the mouth toward its target and that the dragon can continue the flame for as long as it has chemicals stored. The chemicals also replenish from the blood system. Thomas Nister is planning on writting a book explaining his findings, Evander the magician is interested in learning more about the chemicals as he is certain that his Magic Skills are more usefual than distraction or entertainment and he is determined to discover new ways to explore his abilities.
Rumor has it that the group has been asked to eliminate another Tyranny dragon located in the southern region where a sacrificial lottery takes place to appease the dragon of that region.
The group reportedly has accepted the challenge and the five men are looking for other brave men to assist…..



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